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car seat covers for toddlers
seat cover for dogs dog car seat cover
  • Lightweight fabric is easier on washer/dryer than blankets and towels

  • A fraction of the cost of one detailing job


  • Will not interfere with seatbelts or side airbags


  • Installation: A large elastic pocket wraps up over the headrest. Another elastic pocket wraps down under the bottom front of the seat. Tuck/pull all the excess fabric though the gap in the seat until the fabric lays tight and flat on the seat

  • Juice, milk and crumb repellent

  • Seconds to install and remove

  • No struggling with straps, clips and velcro

  • No more food caked in the seams or on the upholstery

  • No more sour milk or juice smell

  • Secured by "fitted" elastic pockets

  • Durable

  • Machine wash and dry - no detergent

  • Will not interfere with safe car seat installation

  • Towels and blankets can interfere with safe car seat installation

  • Sold individualy - one size fits all

Intended for babies and toddlers in safety seats

Closeup of the rainbow colored embroidery thread

pull excess fabric through the opening until cover lays tight on top of the seat

view of back of bucket seat

Phone: 604.833.4907
100 Mile House, B.C., Canada
  • ALL purchase inquiries for this product, please call or email


American military

 uses this fabric

for their uniforms

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