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Arrived today and I love it! So easy to put on and take off!  Just what I needed as we use the backseat for people sometimes and now I can take the cover off and have clean seats for them! Thanks for making the purchase so easy! Donna


The soggy dog cover came on Friday and is now in my new car!   It went on very easily and is MUCH better than the $15 one I got at Walmart for my old car.

thank you!



I work at the Richmond Animal Shelter, so I am always transporting not only my dogs, but also other animals. I have Soggy Dog on the back and front seats of my car. When I took my last car for trade-in, I got $2000 more for my car than I expected. I am convinced that I got more partially because my seats looked brand new. Not only did the covers pay for themselves, I can say that Soggy Dog actually made me money.



I have 3 dogs (mastiff/great dane/red heeler cross, 2 chihuahuas) that go with me pretty much everywhere and we usually go pretty dirty places (dog parks, the farm, rig sites) I bought the back seat cover for my megacab and I LOVE it I haven't had to vacuum my truck since I bought it! And I work on the rigs and am usually covered in pipe dope, mud, oil etc it's nice to be able to throw my dirty boots/coveralls/hard hats in the back seat and not worry about staining anything...hope your bringing some bucket seat covers to Mane Event in Red Deer I will be looking for you!
BJ Bjarnason



I bought a soggy dog cover from you a couple of years ago and I want to tell you it has sure saved the day. When I bought it we had a large furry golden and her hair was everywhere on the seat of the car. Well take it off and shake and all is well . Now we have a new golden who we found out the hard way after four and a half hours of traveling gets car sick. well thank goodness for the cover , we just wiped it and off we went. when we could washed and put it back on . You could say it saved our trip.Once again Thanks.
Nancy Z


Your seat cover is marvelous. It was the perfect thing for my RV. Maggie used it several times, and the upholstered van seats were pristine when the cover came off. Thanks for inventing this product. It's great.
Rosemary Weise


I received the Soggy Dog and it fits great! Thanks for all of your help. My husband really likes it. What a great gift!


We are so happy with what we bought - good quality and great product.


Just wanted to send you a Huge thank you!!! The Cargo covers arrived when you said and they fit so great in my car as well as my Mom's!! They are so great and easy to clean. They are exactly what I was looking for and are keeping my new car protected from all the dirt and dog hair! Thank you so much,


Purchased our soggy doggies back in early 2000,s at a dog show.  Two weimws that they were used for are now gone.  However, the 2nd generation weim is still using the originals.  One cover in the suv and the other covers the dog chair in the livingroom.  Well worth the money.


And actually they arrived today! ! Thank you very much. I was hoping to get them before i leave tomorrow. I love them. A great fit with the back cover and the two fronts are exactly what i was looking for. Such a great product. Thank you again. I will definitely be telling everyone about them.



We have 2 Soggy Dog covers over ten years old now and they're still going strong! Love them to bits.




I just had to share this excellent picture of my new puppy.  He absolutely loves his soggy dog seat cover. I absolutely love it as well, it has been so fantastic in my truck and I will definitely be a life long customer of yours. 

 Thank you!!!




I have a back seat AND and front seat of these and they are amazing! i think over 2 years old now and not even a ripped thread! i wash them regularly and they hold up great! my 90pound river dog tracks in the dirt too! great product and super easy to remove for 'people' (if you need!)



here is the best story,,, Our truck broke down on the long weekend we had to leave it on the highway for hours till the tow truck came First thing we took out of it The Soggy Dog Seat Cover hahahah my husband is like really, what about the personal stuff,,,, lol i have priorities lol




These are awesome have one for my truck and took our border collie out on weekend she was covered in snow stop got few groceries on way home got home puddle of water on seat cover seat was dry Awesome product


Allan - Cranbrook


excellent have soggy dog in both vehicles best investment



This is just a note to thank you for your excellent service. My order of 3 sheets arrived today. I appreciate how quickly you processed my order. I will now be able to protect the new furniture at our cottage when our “soggy grand puppies” come inside!

Thank you for this great product. 



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