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car seat covers for dogs waterproof dog car seat covers

Other forms of harnessing in are a "high line" or clipping into the child car seat mounts located on your back window dash. Soggy Dog Seat Covers do not interfere with either of those methods

  • Install a couple corners of your Soggy Dog Seat Cover to determine the proper position of your slit for your vehicle's seat belt base

  • Cut a VERTICAL slit- as small as possible to stop sand and hair from falling through. Fabric WILL NOT fray or run and does not need to be reinforced

  • Bring seat belt base through the slit

  • You can use your two outer seat belt bases, but not the center base

  • Do Not collapse your seat with the seat belt base still through the slit

Phone: 604.833.4907
100 Mile House, B.C., Canada


American military K9 Unit

in Iraq uses

Soggy Dog in their vehicles

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