Moulded In Back Seats, Sealed In Back Seats and

Back Seats that do not release...




Most vehicles have back seats that 'pop' and release. Soggy Dog Seat Covers install by  cupping around and behind the shoulders of the back seat with deep elastic pocketed corners. This is an inexpensive trick for anyone with a sealed-in seat.

Wrap the deep pocketed corner of the Soggy Dog Seat Cover around the end of the dowel, instead of around the shoulder of your sealed in seat. Proceed normally, allowing the fabric to run across in front of the base of your headrests. Wrap the other two elastic corners around the bottom corners of your seat. Remember to allow the fabric to pull up on the sides to create the Super Pockets!

Leather Interior WITH a big dog that does the window to window race...

A roll of inexpensive "shelf liner" will fix any slippage you may have with a big, active dog on a leather interior.   Lay a strip up the side of your back seat cushion, continue across the seat and down the other side of the cushion. Place your Soggy Dog Seat Cover on top of the grippy, soft shelf liner.


Typical 4 door compact or mid size car...

Be sure to pull the small lever beside the headrest to pop and release your back seat. 








The Soggy Dog Seat Cover's deep elastic pocket corners can wrap around and down behind the shoulder of your seat. 



Fabric runs across IN FRONT of the base of your headrests, whether they are on posts or built in. 














Shove seat back into place.


Allow fabric to pull up into the Super Pockets on both sides of your seat.  The pockets fill with dirt, sand and hair instead of it falling down the sides of your seat.


Run a medium thickness of wooden dowel along the back of your seat behind your headrests. Cut the dowel to a length that just touches the interior of your vehicle on both sides of your seat.


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