SOGGY DOG; the workhorse of seat covers!

This is just frightening!.... but Soggy Dog is more than up for the challenge!

Some great clips of some happy "soggy dogs"

"Muddy" came by his name honestly. He will definely put his Soggy Dog SPORT Cargo Area Cover to the test!

Joey ran into some mud that was so thick he had to be lifted out.

Sometimes Soggy Dogs don't look beautiful (only my customers are beautiful), but Soggy Dog Seat Covers do their job!!!!   Maintain your vehicle's value!!


The big flat sheets of Soggy Dog fabric are great for covering furniture in the camper or RV.  Easy to just shake off or even hose off.   Maintain your vehicle's value!

Even needle-like 'bully' hair and destructive sand will not grind through the Soggy Dog

" Want my ball??  Come and get it! "


Next stop .....  Hop in the car!

...This is how I roll ...

This fellow has his dog bed inside a Soggy Dog bed cover on top of a Sport SUV Cargo Cover

        Nice Ride  :)

The best part of the walk !

Did you say "dog park"???!!