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**Size is determined by the width of the shoulders of the seat **

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  • Water, sand and hair repellent SUV Cargo Area Covers

  • Seconds to install and remove

  • Secured by two fitted, deep, elastic corners that cup the shoulders of the seat

  • Dirt and hair will not grind through to the back of your seat or carpet

  • Sand, dirt and hair shakes off

  • Machine wash and dry

cargo area covers for dogs waterproof cargo covers for dogs cargo liners
  • Two deep, elastic, pocketed corners wrap around the shoulders of the seat

  • Fabric drapes down the back of the back seat and out to the cargo area door

  • Lift carpet or mat and tuck excess length of fabric underneath to pin down the cover and customize it to your cargo area length

  • Allow fabric to push up the sides of the cargo area as much as possible so the folds of fabric catch the hair and sand, instead of it going underneath the cover

  • Can be used with or without a tray or barrier

  • Can be used with the seat up or down

SUV cargo area cover water repellent cargo cover

  • Durable -fabric will not shred

  • No plastic backings to crack and peel

  • Three sizes to fit all vehicles - click here for sizing chart

  • Model #s - Regular=RSUV,,, Medium=MSUV,,,  Long = **No Longer Available**

Can be used with the seat up or down - this fellow has his dog bed inside a soggy dog bed cover, on top of an SUV Cargo Cover


The SUV Cargo Area Covers are used by some customers who have pick up trucks where they flip their back seat up and create a large, flat platform for their dog

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American military K9 Unit

in Iraq uses

Soggy Dog in their vehicles

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