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          Intended for dogs

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  • Water, sand and hair repellent vehicle seat cover

  • Installs and removes in seconds

    not a ten minute ordeal

  • Light weight, high quality, Canadian made fabric that will not shred

  • One solid piece of fabric so dirt and hair will not fall through

  • Will not interfere with seatbelts or side airbags

car seat cover for dogs waterproof seat protection for dogs
car seat cover for dogs seat protection for dogs waterproof

    Installation Information

  • Big elastic pocket wraps up over the headrest / Big elastic pocket wraps  down under the bottom front of the seat / Reach behind to Tuck-Pull excess length of fabric through the crack in the seat until the cover lays tight and flat on the top of the seat


  • Will not interfere with seat belts or side air bags

  • A simple slipcover that will save your vehicle upholstery and value

  • Each unit sold individually

  • One size fits all

I work at the Richmond Animal Shelter, so I am always transporting not only my dogs, but also other animals. I have Soggy Dog on the back and front seats of my car. When I took my last car for trade-in, I got $2000 more for my car than I expected. I am convinced that I got more partially because my seats looked brand new. Not only did the covers pay for themselves, I can say that Soggy Dog actually made me money.  /Helen

view of back of bucket seat

pull excess fabric through the opening until cover lays tight on top of the seat

   **BUCKET SEAT COVERS ARE NO LONGER AVAILABLE **                       

Phone: 604.833.4907
100 Mile House, B.C., Canada


American military K9 Unit

in Iraq uses

Soggy Dog in their vehicles

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