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Are there holes for the headrests?

No – The Soggy Dog installs and remains in place with four deep, elastic, pocketed corners that wrap around and “cup” the four corners of your seat.  The fabric runs straight across in front of the base of your head rests, whether they are on posts or built in.  All head rests are in different locations in different vehicles, so any preplaced holes are unlikely to be in the correct position.

Is the Soggy Dog machine washable?

Yes – The sand & hair shakes off of the Soggy Dog fabric, and you can toss it in the wash.  You are not filling your washer and pipes with hair and sand.  The Soggy Dog fabric washes up very well.   (No detergent / couple minutes tumble dry on low or hang to dry – a washing product meant for waterproof jackets may be used).

What is the Soggy Dog made of?

The Soggy Dog is a polyester/cotton mix.  The fabric is very high quality, with a heavy thread and a double threaded, super tight weave.  There are no plastic backings that crack and peel  (once those backings crack it allows water through and crumbles into your upholstery and in your machines).  The Soggy Dog fabric is 100% Canadian made.

Will my dog’s nails shred the Soggy Dog?

No – dog nails will not hook or shred the very durable fabric.

Will vomit or urine go through the Soggy Dog?

No – Fluids will not go through the Soggy Dog.   If the fluid & debris travel across the seat, it is caught by the fabric that naturally pulls up and creates the handy “super pockets”  on the sides of the seat.

Does Soggy Dog make a ‘hammock’ style seat cover?

No – The straps that hold hammock styles in place can rarely take the weight  and movement of the dog and tend to tear off.  Sand, hair and fluid damages the sides of your seat cushion as the dog enters and exits the vehicle, as well as the sand and hair just goes underneath the edge of the hammock and into your upholstery. 


Can the Soggy Dog  Back Seat Cover be used with humans?

Soggy Dog does not promote the back seat cover for use with any humans.   A small VERTICAL slit can be made for the seat belt base to harness in dogs.   The fabric slit will not fray, run or need to be reinforced.   You can easily pop one side of the Soggy Dog off for the human, and leave the other side on for the dog if the seat is being shared.  The Bucket Seat Saver does not interfere with seat belts at all.  None of the Soggy Dogs interfere with side air bags.

Can humans use the Soggy Dog Bucket Seat Saver?

Yes – The bucket seat saver does NOT interfere with seat belts at all...BUT they are intended for dogs, not humans.  The whole idea of Soggy Dog is that it takes only seconds to install or remove, so there are no straps, clips or Velcro.  The bucket seat saver clings to cloth interior well, but it is very difficult to keep it in place with a HUMAN on LEATHER interior.  Humans twist and drag their weight sideways across the seat, whereas a dog just hops up on the seat.

Can I harness in my dog with the Soggy Dog Seat Cover?

Yes – Soggy Dog has promoted harnessing in for years.  You cut a small VERTICAL slit wherever your seat belt base is.  The fabric will NOT fray or run or need reinforcement.  Soggy Dogs do not interfere with harnessing in using the upper car seat anchors or the ‘high-lining’ method.  The Bucket Seat Saver does not interfere with seat belts at all  (unless your seat belt recoils back into the actual body of your bucket seat).  *See Harness In page*

Can I use the Soggy Dog Seat Covers with side air bags?

Yes – The Soggy Dogs do not interfere with side air bags.

Will Soggy Dog Back Seat Covers really fit the large pick-up trucks?

Yes – The Long size Soggy Dog Back Seat Cover is made specifically for the large pick-up trucks.  While most seat covers are too short for the trucks, the Long size will fit well.  Be sure to check the Soggy Dog Sizing Chart to find the appropriate size for your vehicle as a couple of the big trucks have a smaller seat than expected.  All dimensions are listed on the website if anyone wants to measure for themselves. *See Dimensions page*

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