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Measure the widest part of the back seat from edge to edge.  Do not include the sides of the seat cushion in the measurement.

"Width" is the measurement from shoulder to shoulder of the back seat (edge to edge).  The fabric  will widen/flare out another 9" on both sides as it runs down the back of the back seat and across the cargo area floor

The Soggy Dog Sizing Chart lists all of the vehicles and the size of back seat cover and SUV Cargo Area Cover required.  There is no guesswork or measuring necessary.

If you do wish to measure for yourself....;


Regular     50"  Width

Medium     56"  Width

Long        62"  Width           

**All 3 sizes then have a 9 inch deep, elastic, pocketed corner that wraps around and "cups" the four corners of your seat **


Regular     50"   Width

            80"   Length

Medium     56"   Width

            80"   Length

Long        62"   Width          **LONG size no longer available**

            80"   Length

Remember you need the excess length of fabric out the back of your cargo area to tuck under your carpet or mat to pin the cover down at the hatch door end.

Some customers pull out the excess length of fabric before the dogs enter or exit to prevent the bumper from being damaged by the dog's nails.


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