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Yes, the two outer seat belts can be used for harnessing in your dog or strapping down an infant safety seat.  Soggy Dog Back Seat covers are NOT intended for children out of a car seat or adults, as the Soggy Dog seat cover could interfere with the proper retraction of the seat belt.  There are very simple instructions for cutting a seat belt slit under the "Harness In" button on this site, for harnessing in your dog (no stitching or reinforcement req'd).

1.  Am I able to use my seat belts with a Soggy Dog Back Seat Cover?

2.  Am I able to use my seat belts with the Soggy Dog Bucket Seat Cover?

Yes, the Soggy Dog bucket seat cover does not interfere with the seat belts.

3.  Will the Soggy Dogs interfere with my side airbags?

No, the Soggy Dog will not interfere with side airbags.

4.  Will my dog's nails shred the Soggy Dog?

No, even the nails of the large, active dogs will not snag or shred this fabric.

5.  How do I wash my Soggy Dog?

Shake off the hair and sand.  Machine wash / cold water / no detergent / couple minutes in dryer on low or hang to dry in a few minutes.

6.  Do I need to remove headrests to use the Soggy Dog?

No.  The bucket seat Soggy Dog goes up and over the headrest.  The Back Seat Soggy Dog runs along in front of your two or three headrests.  The SUV Cargo Area Cover runs across behind the base of the headrests.  The whole idea of Soggy Dog is that they are very simple to install and remove, not an ordeal like many seat covers.

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