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  • Light weight fabric / not nylon

  • Impenetrable

  • No hard plastic backings that crack & peel

  • Side catch pockets on back seat cover

  • Cushion sides and bottom front are covered

  • No straps, clips or velcro that rip & break

Arrived today and I love it! So easy to put on and take off!  Just what I needed as we use the backseat for people sometimes and now I can take the cover off and have clean seats for them! Thanks for making the purchase so easy! Donna

  • Water, sand and hair repellent

  • Installs and removes in seconds

  • Sand and hair shakes off

  • Machine wash and dry

Phone: 604.833.4907
100 Mile House, B.C., Canada


American military K9 Unit

in Iraq uses

Soggy Dog in their vehicles

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